Car's wide turn sends Motorcyclist down over embankment

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Perkinsville man escapes with minor injuries

WEATHERSFIELD, VT - A sharp curve on a steep and narrow road turned out to be the wrong place at the wrong time for a teenaged driver and a motorcyclist who narrowly avoided a full on collision late Thursday afternoon.

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    Terry Sams, 58, of Perkinsville sustained relatively minor leg injuries in the mishap after his Harley Davidson was struck around 5:45 p.m. and tipped over right on the edge of Little Ascutney Road a few dozen yards above the intersection with Lottery Lane, spilling Sams off the steep road down the side of an even steeper embankment.

    "It sounded like it was pretty slow motion," Vermont State Police Trooper Austin Soule said of the tumble that Sams took down the slope, "He said he was trying to grab at trees and he just slid down the bank." 

    The older model white Mercury Grand Marquis that narrowly missed Sam's foot and struck the frame of his Harley right behind his body where a hard-sided luggage carrier protruded was driven by Joshua Woods, 18, of Proctorsville who was not hurt.

    "Right now the investigation has shown that (Woods) took the corner a little wide because he was trying to avoid the washboards in the road and the motorcycle was coming up the hill at the same time.  He clipped the back of it, causing the motorcycle to kind of tip over and then (Sams) slid down the bank with only minor injuries resulting.  He was very lucky," Trooper Soule noted, adding, "He might be a bit bumped up but if I were him I would be going home pretty happy."

    Wrecker crews were able to fire up the motorcycle which appeared to be largely intact and Wood's car only sustained minor damage to a headlight.

    Soule said it was not immediately clear whether any tickets or charges would result from the incident.

    In addition to several state troopers, the West Weathersfield and Ascutney volunteer fire departments responded to the scene along with a Golden Cross Ambulance crew although Sams ultimately declined to be transported to the hospital.

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