The Nut Wizard Works!

Troubled by apples or nuts that land in vast quantities on your lawn? Tired of picking them up one-by-one? There’s a simple solution: The Nut Wizard.

The Nut Wizard is one of those rare gadgets that does what it promises!

The Nut Wizard is simple tool that looks like a wire football on the end of handle. Push it across your lawn and it picks up nuts, apples, pears – or most any small objects. Not only that, kids love using it! My grandkids (ages 10 and 13) look forward to apple season. You won’t have to pay a kid to use this tool, most are fascinated by it and will clean up your apples for free!

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If an apple is trapped  in long grass, you merely have to push down on the handle a little harder and pull the handle back over the recalcitrant object. When the Wizard gets full, empty it by spreading the wires over a bucket or wheelbarrow. 

It empties in a jiffy!

Where to get a Nut Wizard? I got mine from Elmore RootsNursery in Elmore, VT. Elmore Roots will ship them, but if you haven’t been there, I advise making a visit. They sell all kinds of cold-hardy fruit, nuts and berry bushes. Their motto is “If it Grows in Elmore, It Will Grow Where You Are!” Since they are in Zone 3 in Northern Vermont, that’s probably true.

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