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Julie plus Elena equals JUEL

JUEL, just what its name conjures, something bright, something precious and its colors might be copious.  The latter might be most appropriate as we are talking about SMOOTHIES and PRESSED JUICES.  And if you imagine all the plants and herbs and spices that Mother Nature provides, then imagine the rainbow of bright possibility in a glass!

Friends, another food truck has driven into our midst and parked and may I introduce you to Julie and Elena, Upper Valley expats who have returned and whose moniker affords us a new sensation out of a pretty white trailer, complete with a potted plant or two.  Observant spies might have noticed their sweet trailer at the Taste of Woodstock.  Last weekend they were in White River Junction at 80 North Main Street just about across from Thyme and the design store.  (P.S. Thyme is the old Tip Top Café-click here)

Right now these young ladies are featuring smoothies and pressed juices. If you take a look at their Facebook page you'll see some fun combinations like a turmeric-laden Golden Smoothie with peach, ginger, turmeric, dates, black pepper and coconut milk.   Click here and see the lovely chopping work on a wooden board!  

I met Elena Taylor of Norwich and Julie Sumanis of Hanover on Saturday in White River.  Just a phone call beforehand to arrange a meeting time awarded me an inkling of their friendly super energy.  The concoctions and recipes mirror their imagination and healthy outlook to create highly original drinks, be it crushed ice with rice milk, banana, cinnamon, dates, cardamon and almonds or a pressed watermelon and lime.

They had just received their New Hampshire Inspection approval last Friday and to celebrate, shall we say, you may find them tomorrow, that's Wednesday 23rd August, from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm in HANOVER.  Check the intersection of west Wheelock (10A) and North Main!  They then return to White River Junction on Thursday from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm.  I had skipped breakfast on Saturday in preparation and chose the banana smoothie which was light, creamy, and gorgeously rich without the sometimes prevalent stomach sinker factor. 

This is their third week in action and they are attracting quite a following.  In fact, they have been approached by the Northern Stage for its launch in September as well as by the CHaD HERO event for the 22nd of October on the Dartmouth College Green.  This is all proof enough of these roving smoothie stars.  With training and degrees from the Vermont Center for Integrated Herbalism  in Montpelier and NYC's Institute for Integrated Nutrition, these girls will take true health to a whole other level and what a way to enjoy it...A jewel of a smoothie indeed; that's JUEL!

Stay tuned to their Facebook posts and click here to discover upcoming stops and schedules.  They continue to be booked for other private events for several upcoming weekends but you will also learn about new products, perhaps more edibles too...This new venture is truly worth the following.

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