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Watt Alexander

You were supposed to be able to read our minds.

(Hint) We were thinking:  

Let’s pull together all our bloggers, the Vital Communities community lists and local papers, and all the other stuff people post on DailyUV -- sort it all into tidy channels like “News” and “Talk” and “Market” -- and bask in the praise of our readers for being so helpful.”

But you were thinking:

I want to read all this on my phone.”

But we were thinking:

DailyUV works on your phone!  You just have to click through here and navigate that drop-down and know where we put everything and it’s all there if you click around long enough…

But you were thinking:

I want to read all this on my phone the way I read everything else that matters on my phone.”

So we thought:

Maybe our channels and drop-downs and taxonomies and topographies are getting in the way?

So we’ve introduced a feed that includes everything published through DailyUV in chronological order so you can go right to the homepage -- even on your phone -- and catch up on what you’ve missed while you weren’t on your phone.

Is that what you were thinking?


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