An ever-so-slight dent in the sun is what this picture registered.


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Dave Celone

Things went haywire and spooky around here...

It was a total eclipse of the sun by the moon today, but only about 62% of it was visible here in the Upper Valley of NH and VT. I'd have been afraid to be in the direct path of this fleeting shadowy apparition given what happened here as the moon passed above us.

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The light started to change. The grass turned from green to a bright yellow-green, and what seemed to be a haze descended upon the fields and forests here in Lyme, NH behind our home. The dogs settled in for a bone-gnawing frenzy, seemingly unnerved by the change of illumination above their heads as they lay in the color-changing grass.

I tried to access some social media accounts to post a few choice thoughts of poetry and haiku, but Twitter went witty, and Facebook had gone faceless. No images were appearing. Even trying to upload photos from my phone to my laptop proved futile. It seemed as if the eclipse had eclipsed my world and my work. I had to step outside for some air. 

Enter the new light shining all around my body. I felt like I existed inside a halo; some kind of pronounced presence I've never felt before was hovering around me. My shadow shortened, my steps slowed. The dogs looked up at me and seemed to be baffled by whatever it was that had draped itself around me. They whined and yelped. There was something quite concrete afoot here in their eyes, and not just a blinding sun. No. It was something else. Maybe the likes of a winged creature hovering above me. Perhaps some angelic form that only dogs can see in the shadow of the moon-sun. I don't know what it was because I didn't dare look skyward. Yet, it was palpable. The hairs on the back of my neck stood up, and the skin on my arms, despite the 80 degree warmth, turned to gooseflesh.

Now, 45 minutes later, I've returned to the technology that had frozen in time and the shadow of the sun-moon. Was it all acausal, that is, just a blip when something that was going to happen anyway just so happens at the same time as something else significant enough to draw my attention and make me think one thing had caused the other when, in fact, it had not? Synchronistic, if you will, but not causation related.

Had the eclipse visited something more upon me and my home than just a shadow? Had my yard, the two dogs, and my views to the north been compromised by something much greater than me for some several minutes in time? I don't mean just the light, but some kind of heavy weight, concrete and real, that descended?

Well, you decide. Here are the eclipse pix I took while outside beneath the moon and sun darkening. (Keeping my fingers crossed I can still upload them. Still some lingering technology problems here one hour after the eclipse hit hard!)

My shadow foreshortened!

A yellowish-green light descends. The farmer never stopped baling hay. You can actually see the hay bale hovering int the air above the trailer - as if time had stopped in the unnatural light.

A box image viewer shows a sun-etched image on cardboard, white with a black dent. Reminds me of a line in a poem: To see the colors of the world bright, first paint the canvas black, alright?!

Like a dog on a bone—huddling mass of fur under the darkening sun. Frightened and alone.


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