Chef Tony Pippin, Jr. and his tools...oh how delectable breakfast can be...

The Best Breakfast Sammy?

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Dave Celone

You Have No Idea How Yummy Breakfast Can Be!

Lyme, NH — It seems the food revolution will never stop, or at least my palate will never stop seeking out the new and the delicious. This time, it's something we might all just take for granted—the lowly breakfast sandwich. 

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You know, the egg with cheese, maybe bacon or sausage, a slice of tomato if you're really lucky, served up warm (from under a heat lamp) on an English muffin. These little treats are ours for the having at every turn, from fast-food joints to the local corner store. Yet, when they're elevated to superstar status, and custom-made with the kind of care and finesse only an award-winning chef can impart, you better watch out because breakfast will quickly become your favorite meal of the day -- every day!

The Lyme Country Store. Make the trip for the best breakfast sammy anywhere in the Upper Valley!

Here in Lyme, NH at The Lyme Country Store, that's exactly what Chef Tony Pippin, Jr. is in the process of doing right now as I write the piece. He's working, and can be found working every day from 6 — 8 am behind the meat/deli counter of the Lyme Country Store preparing sandwiches for the day. He feeds a veritable world of patrons who love his food, and eat it with gusto every day. And he does this in just 2 hours. Watching him at work is a thrill!

Tony has now taken on the breakfast sandwich with a passion I rarely see. His double farm-fresh egg and sausage, or bacon, with cheddar cheese and fresh tomato slice on a Portuguese roll has just taken a huge step forward making his creation, at least in my estimation, the best egg sandwich in the Upper Valley. Now that's saying something because I'm a crazy cook and foodie who experiments with all kinds of ways to improve upon the under-appreciated breakfast sandwich, yet, Chef Tony has hit on some combination of sweetness and warmth, along with some mild spices that make his work come alive on the tongue. As I write, I'm already craving another one of his early-morning creations.

Chef Tony takes an early-morning order from a customer.

With a small griddle and his back turned to me, unwilling to pose for a photo, Tony served up the most delectable of egg sandwiches I've ever had. He's a spark of a guy with great big blue eyes that register everything you say once you get him talking, but when he's working, he's totally focused on his craft. 

Oh, and did you know, Chef Tony deserves our congratulations for his recent win of the 2017 Granite Chef Competition cookout? That's right, his paprika-based meat rub on a rib-eye steak bedded on top of a secret sauce tantalized and mesmerized all the jury tasters, winning first place this past week. Click Here to visit the 2017 Granite Chef Competition web page. And Click Here to see some videos of the Competition as recorded by Q106's Greg and the Morning Buzz team as the Competition unfolded this past Friday in Manchester, NH.    

2017 Granite Chef Competition by Q106's Greg & The Morning Buzz crew. Chef Tony's paprika-rubbed rib-ey on a bed of special sauce wins the day. Yes, the Lyme Country Store sells fresh meats, and all kinds of fresh, locally-raised/harvested produce, too.

So, what's Tony's "secret sauce" that makes his breakfast sandwiches so unbelievably good?  Not to give away the secret, but there's a very mild, sweet-smokey-warmth that spreads over your tongue as you savor his sammy creation. It includes a mixture of mild New Mexican chili peppers combined with pure VT maple syrup, along with a few other spices, to deliver something you've never tasted before. And it's a wonderful eating experience to say the very least. The textures of Portuguese muffin juxtaposed with crunchy bacon, the weight of the sandwich in hand, and even the colors of the reddish-pinkish sauce that mingle with the bright-yellow, locally-raised egg yolks make for a total explosion of the senses that truly please and delight.

Another satisfied customer purchasing her early-morning meal items at The Lyme Country Store.

I highly recommend you make a special trip soon for Tony's breakfast sandwich. And, watch out, if you visit more than once, the Pippin family might just start treating you like family, too! Not always for the faint of heart (think gentle and friendly/fun haranguing among people you may not even know but who offer smiles and want to get to know you better), it's always a pleasure to spend time in this gem of a country store!

The Chef at work. Plaid shorts and all on a summer morning. Catch Chef Tony between 6 — 8 AM most every day at The Lyme Country Store.

Chef Tony has now elevated the breakfast sandwich to its rightful place as the first and best way to break our fast each morning. Come try one out, and let me know what you think in the Comments section below.

This was the finale for my Chef Tony-crested breakfast sandwich. Fully devoured at the counter while chatting with the Chef. Plate-licking, roll-mopping deliciousness to get my day off to a great start.


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