The South Woodstock Country Store

Local Fare Taken To Another Level

Have you stepped into the South Woodstock Country store lately?  A group of us decided to go for breakfast, now a week after their renovation and re-opening last Tuesday the 8th August.  Even as I came around the gentle curve admiring the charm of this corner of Vermont, the first evidence was apparent in lovely pots of mums perfectly planted and placed on the outdoor steps and deck.  To then park and step inside, the feeling and look are at once welcoming and utterly charming.  Sometimes country stores outside this area exude a little too much clutter and South Woodstock's revamped store has struck a lovely balance of old world Vermont with a mild contemporary flare- a sort of Farmhouse Pottery meets Grande Dame Gillingham.  The light is bright and warm.  The feel is clean and hip.  

The menu and fare are absolutely fabulous.  This is local sourcing at the top of its game.

There is seating outside for these last, lazy days of August, which will also be popular during those golden days of September light.  Inside, there are long tables with comfortable country chairs and a special nook tucked into a back corner with plush armchairs in a pretty cream and green pattern. 

In the front part of the store, you have the grocery section featuring a lot of beloved specialty items: gourmet crackers, chips and tortillas, the Half Baked Pizzas from South Burlington in the freezer, iced teas, beer and other drinking favorites.  I also noticed some unique red wine selections near the local salamis, sausage and popular farm cheese on display, not to mention the fridge stocked with its white wine brethren.

Step down now into the sort of café section and feast your eyes on their blackboard!  For breakfast, it could be an Avocado Toast starring said first ingredient, some radish and pickled red onion on artisan rye bread.  You might wish to add an egg to this.  The Pomfret Parfait is plain yoghurt, Back Roads granola and seasonal fruit.  The Breakfast Bowl features rice, beans, roast vegetables, a poached egg and spinach pesto.  Check out their Chicks on The Green!

This renewal of the South Woodstock Country Store is the brainchild of new owner Ann Johnston of South Woodstock, her daughter, Simi Johnston and the latter's sister, Charan Kaur.  It is managed by another well-known Woodstock community member, the ever-stylish Kim Vollers.  

When breakfast ends at 10:30, it is time for lunch at 11:00.  
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Let's see:  Apart from the ever-evolving daily specials, there are the current staples- a Town Green Salad, perhaps a Mac and Cheese, or a roast portobello sandwich on grilled white bread with caramelized onion, cheddar cheese and horseradish mayo.  I love the burger called the Bean There Done That with black beans, lettuce, tomato, onion, pickle and a little Fox's mustard.  We also loved the Curried Bird with avocado, tomato, curried chicken salad and arugula in a wrap.

There are equally delicious choices for gluten-frees and vegans.

With such talent at the helm, the Woodstock community is in for a real treat. These women and their gifted chef have created a tremendous trove of positive energy and culinary cachet.

The store is open from 6:30 am to 6:00 pm Monday through Saturday and from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm on Sunday.  Their website and Facebook page is in the works.  In the meantime, this is a fun page to browse through right now.  Click here.  The telephone number is 802-457-3050.

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