A Great Flower for Pots in Shady Locations

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Henry Homeyer

Most of us have outdoor spots that are drab and colorless. We all know that pots of Impatiens will brighten them up. But aren’t there other flowers that are a tad more exciting? Yes.

Torenia with Boston Ivy on a dark, shady rock ledge

The Clown flower, a.k.a Torenia or Wishbone Flower is a great bloomer that offers blues and purples to the gardener’s shady palette. I planted a couple in big pots in June and they have been blooming constantly since then, getting bigger and more bodacious every week, flowing out of the pots and hanging down the sides.

This will look good until frost.

I have not fertilized my Torenia at all. I planted it in a 50-50-mix of potting soil and compost. Most growers recommend feeding with a fertilizer every 3 weeks to keep it pumped up, but I think a good planting mix with compost is fine. Later, in September, I may give it a drink of diluted fish fertilizer since it does take quite a bit to produce so many flowers.

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Another great feature of this plant is that you do not need to cut off the dead flowers. They drop off on their own. That is called a “self-cleaning” flower, and I always look for it when selecting annuals.

Want to see pictures of the most beautiful flower I 've ever seen? It's a night-blooming cereus. It bloomed for me recently. Check it out at https://dailyuv.com/news/917341

These spent blossoms of the night-blooming cereus are getting pinker by the day - and still beautiful even though the blossoms closed up in 12 hours

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