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Leigh Ann Root

When we step into our lives without our tech 'side kicks', our senses become wonderfully aware.

With our constant connection to everything and anything, have you noticed the disconnect to everyday living? The World Wide Web has captured our attention and our focus, taking us away from the daily finds, that are abundant, meaningful and everywhere.

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We're more informed and versed on a larger variety of subjects, now. Do we transfer this, healthfully, into our day to day lives, that we live off from the electronic world? Do we strike a balance or do we substitute an online life for a real life? Living inside of our lives (off our tech), rewards us regularly. There's less longing, fewer comparisons and more satisfaction.

It's with shortened attention spans and instant gratification desires, that we venture into our off-technology existence. Are we equipped to connect one on one and day to day with beings, in the flesh? In our tool box of skills, have we honed the ones that are most useful for these exceptional exchanges; patience, kindness and consideration? Are we able to fully engage, eye to eye and soul to soul?

We're humans with emotions. These emotions are designed to give us an assortment of feelings; from happy to hurt and beyond. As a defense mechanism, we often numb the human experience for fear of feeling. There are endless ways to do this. This behavior often stunts our spiritual growth and belief in our own potential.

We live in a time where real life experiences can be replaced easily with technology. On the short list; we can go to school online, date online and shop online. We can quickly forget the life skills that come from being in actual moments, where we're forced to converse spontaneously and authentically. There will never be a true substitution for actual living. Movement into moments bring us meaning. It requires that we get out of our own way, pull our faces from our phones and jump willfully into the exciting unpredictability of an actual life. To be occasionally uncomfortable, challenges us and changes us magnificently.

Technology has given us a barrier, a false sense of security and a faux feeling of life. It's given us an out to be completely in. Stolen moments are everywhere. As soon as a phone is glanced at, a moment is compromised. It sends a message of non-interest. Half conversations are half as gratifying. We miss facial cues and body language. More importantly we miss out on a true connection to another. The distraction of a piece of apparatus can rob us from a breathtakingly brilliant life.

When we step into our lives without our tech 'side kicks', our senses become wonderfully aware. We see, we touch, we smell and we grow. These leaps of faith and fear feeling moments bring us freedom and substance.

On our deathbeds, we won't be wishing that we texted more. I'm imagining that we'll be hoping that we lived in more memorable moments. The more we feel, the more we connect and the more we connect, the fuller we feel. We know true living, by the way it feels.

When you have the chance to tech it out or dance, I hope you dance.


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