Top 4 Outdoor Dining Spots in Hanover (and more)

Hanover has over ten establishments that offer outdoor dining.  Today I took a stroll around and took some pictures of the top 4 and a few more that people voted for.  I went long before they were open so all the restaurnts are empty and the awnings are shut, but I thought it was important to get a feel for the ambience.  I was able to park in the municipal parking lot behind Molly's and walk to nine of them, so you definitely have many choices within walking distance of Main Street. 

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#1 Top Oudoor Dining Experience in Hanover

Ramuntos was recommended as the top spot in Hanover to eat outdoors and the top choice for families too!  I like that it's on a side street off Main St. (South St.) so it's a quiet spot to eat out.  The adirondack chair seating area is a nice touch. 

#2 Voted Best Outdoor Dining Experience

Molly's was voted second for outdoor dining experience and best for families.  It is located on Main St. and is easily accessed from the public parking lot.  I love the variety on their menu: pizza, poultry and meat dishes, pasta, and filling salads.  So no matter what each person in the family is craving, all can be satisfied.  With a nice awning for those hot sunny days and heaters for those crispier temperatures, Molly's has really made their outdoor dining a comfortable experience for diners long into the summer (and even after).

#3 Voted Outdoor Dining Experience

Jesse's is a great restaurant in Hanover, right across from the Dartmouth access road.  I love the rustic charm of this establishment, feels so cozy.  In the summer Jesse's has a wonderful ambience with lanterns and string lights at night and nice shaded tables during the day.  All the lovely flowers and trees make this a relaxing spot for a meal.  It was also rated #3 for best outdoor dining for families too!  (Outdoor dining with lovely lights)

#4 Voted Outdoor Dining Experience

The Hanover Inn is right in the heart of Hanover and a great location.  You get a great view of the green and all the people going by.  This is certainly the most beautiful of all the locations with lovely shaded porch, flowers along the edge of the railing, and the brick columns: all add a sophisticated ambience to your dining experience.  

Honorable Mentions

#5 Market Table - a lovely outdoor dining area.  I've enjoyed all the meals I've had here.  I like the local ingredients and creative menu.

#6 Candela's Tapas Lounge - Offering Carribean and Spanish entrees in their stylish looking restaurant and outdoors at their shaded dining area.  On the corner of Lebanon St. and Currier Place in the blue building next to C&A Pizza.  I walked down Currier Place to the end of the blue building for this photo.

#7 Boloco - A made to order burrito shop on Main St. (next to Molly's and in the same building as Von Bargen's) with a cozy and shady outdoor dining area.  

#8 Umpleby's - Is a bakery on South St. just past Ramunto's.  At first I thought there was no outdoor dining area because the front just is a concrete entryway, but there is a lovely shady outdoor dining area on the side of the bakery.  Very cozy and was popular in the morning when I wandered by.

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