What Not To Say If We Meet at a Party

Submitted a year ago
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Mark Travis

Let’s just say DailyUV was a person and you invited us to your party. (And you should! We make a great red kidney bean dip.)

Your friends would come up to us with their tortilla chips, all excited and friendly, and they’d say, “Hey, DailyUV! You’re that great new Upper Valley publisher! Love your posts!”

We’d say, “Umm, actually, no, we’re that great new Upper Valley platform. Those aren't our posts.”

Then it would get awkward.

We hate when that happens.

So here’s the difference: We don’t actually create the posts on DailyUV.* Users do. By users we mean people in the community -- a blogger with something to say, a neighbor with something to sell, a performer with seats to fill. They’re the publishers.

We provide a home for all those posts -- a website where users come to learn everything they need to know about where they live, work and play. So we’re the platform -- your platform.

Got it? Cool. We’re free Saturday night. Bean dip!

*Well, sometimes we do. Like this one. Still, only when we have to.


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