BREAKING NEWS: That flashing red light send shivers up our spines. A possible drowning in the lake right before our eyes?

Overturned Kayak, Police Boats Circle

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Dave Celone

Moments Ago As We Watched Flashing Lights on Water

Alton, NH — Thirty minutes ago we watched two kayaks converge on an overturned kayak and tow it in to shore near Smith's Point on Lake Winnipesaukee. It was hard to get photos from this distance, but about 30 minutes later, just a few moments ago, three boats, two with flashing lights, began circling the area where the overturned kayak had been.

A slightly less magnified image to show the larger lake scape and sunset unfolding this evening.

The photos are from about a quarter mile away, by my iPhone on maximum magnification. It was a beautiful sunset as we ate dinner on the front porch of this little lake cottage feet from the water facing southwest, our paper plates overflowing with freshly prepared Mexican food from our kitchen, suddenly punctuated by the horror of a possible drowning. Dessert was not quite as enjoyable. Our daughter's 21st birthday celebration took on a slightly macabre tone. We're hopeful the person in the overturned kayak made it safely to shore, but we'll have to wait for the morning news.

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Stay tuned. We'll report what we hear in the morning.  

For those of us from the Upper Valley who enjoy this lake on the eastern side of the state, it's a truly beautiful place. But, when an incident like what we've just witnessed occurs at dusk, it colors our love for the place with the reds of the sunset taking on crimson hues. Let's all hope this was not a tragedy unfolding before out eyes. 

Breaking news from Alton, NH at 8:50 PM, Wednesday, August 9, 2017.

The bigger picture. It's a very large lake, and we hope for the best for whomever was in the overturned kayak we saw earlier this evening as it was towed to shore.


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