Real Chinese Food in the UV -- Really?

High praise for this triumvirate. The manager, center, chef on right, and server/waitstaff/cashier on left. All friendly and happy to serve up excellent Chinese food.

It's Small, It's Fast, and There are Those Who Love It!

West Lebanon, NH  —  Four stars on Yelp* for a rating grabs my attention. Some people give it 5 stars.  It's the Oriental Wok Express at 97 N. Main Street in West Leb, and it's inside the Mobil gas station!  Dartmouth students call this place "the gas station Chinese restaurant." I call it great Chinese food, in fact, it's the best the Upper Valley has to offer. Here's a quote from one Yelp* testimonial:

See: for the above and more.


For me, it wasn't steam buns, it was the garlic chicken with string beans. That's my yardstick for Chinese food by which I measure restaurants when I do a review.  I occasionally use ginger chicken with green beans, and I always ask for the dishes to be "hot & spicy."  I also order white rice and hot & sour soup.  So, here's my review:

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5 stars.  Perfectly cooked chicken, and done in a short time. The rice was sticky but not clumpy, and tasty too. I wondered if they cooked it in chicken broth. The garlic sauce was outstanding. Definitely something to write home about, and the green beans were crisp and cooked. It wasn't an oily dish as many fast food Chinese places deliver. This is authentic Chinese, cooked by a chef who clearly loves his trade and art. I won't say the presentation was amazing, but the price sure was. As for the soup, it was a perfect consistency for hot & sour soup, and it was just spicy enough. Again, not oily, and definitely not a thin consistency which I dislike. The ingredients were fresh and tasty, and all went down easily. Plenty of food was served, so I walked away sated and happy.


For a Chinese restaurant inside a gas station, with my meal costing under $10, this was a real find for me. It will be for you, too. I recommend you give it a try.

Here are some photos to give you a bit more of an incentive to visit Oriental Wok Express for yourself. Like me, I expect you'll be hooked, and will want to go back for more -- or grab take-out, or maybe have them deliver right to you, which they'll do!

Unassuming Chinese food inside a gas station in West Leb.

Real Chinese.

Real fish sauce.

Other customers trying to decide from all the menu options.

My meal of garlic chicken with string beans, white rice, and hot & sour soup.

Seeing it again makes me want to go back for more!

As inspiring and complete a menu as you'll find in a big city Chinese restaurant. They do it right at Oriental Wok Express, right here in the heart of our Upper Valley!  And you can also order online before you arrive...they do do it right.


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