Hartford Train Derailments, -34 Degree Days, and Stranded Neighbors

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Community Resilience Week Tackles Community Vulnerabilities

What are the Town of Hartford’s vulnerabilities?  Consider the following:

    The water from Hurricane Irene completely isolated West Hartford families, with one household taking in and feeding 17 individuals over three days.

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    Should downtown White River Junction ever become isolated due to natural disaster, what happens to the senior housing residents of Valley Village, whose evacuation plan is to the Veterans’ Affairs Hospital?

    The town is vulnerable to temperatures on -34 degrees Fahrenheit, as occurred in January, 2000

    A true junction of highways and rail, what’s the plan if faced with a similar train derailment as happened in February of 1887, when the express passenger train bound for Montreal jumped the tracks and plunged into the White River?

    Hartford High School is a named shelter in the event of natural disaster.  Allowing for pets, should school be in session, how are pets affecting students’ allergies to be housed?

 The Community Resilience Organization of Hartford (CROH) is a team of Town residents, organizations and staff working together to strengthen the Hartford community’s ability to deal with natural and man-made disasters.  Coming up on the fifth year anniversary of Hurricane Irene, CROH is sponsoring 11 free workshops over six days focused on education, projects, and activities which bring people together to work, interact, and get to know and trust each other. “Hartford has an Emergency Response Plan and a Hazard Mitigation Plan. These are important, but our success in being prepared to respond to natural and man-made disasters also involves being more resilient and self-sufficient as a community.  The more you are involved, the more creative and successful we will be.”

The workshops, opening with a free community dinner and discussion on August 18, range from Hands On CPR Training by the Hartford Fire Department, to a Community Resilience Assessment, to Demystifying Compost and Tool Sharpening. 

For a complete listing of CROH events and presenters’ biographies, see the Town of Hartford website at:


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