The Eclipse is Coming! least partially....

It is time to get your eclipse viewing plan together for next Monday.  Even though here in Lebanon, we will not get the full eclipse option (60% of it will be covered), it still is very worthwhile to get out and see it. 

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However, one does not simply walk outside and stare at the Sun directly, unprotected.


If you cannot acquire special viewing glasses, here are a few inexpensive ways to watch it safely.

You can make a pinhole camera using card stock or cardboard.  Simply punch a very small hole into one piece of the stock, allow the Sun to shine directly on the opening, and let the shadow of the stock fall onto a second piece on the ground.  You should be able to see a projection of the Sun.  You can make it larger by raising the first piece higher.  You can even punch a ton of holes into the stock and create artful images.

Another way is to take a pair of binoculars (DO NOT LOOK AT THE SUN WITH THEM!) and point them so the end that goes to your eyes is pointed at the ground.  Again, project the dual images of the Sun onto card stock or the ground.  This can be modified by doing the same with a telescope.

Good luck and stay safe!!

Here are useful links to determine when you will be able to see it in your neck of the woods:

Eclipse Map Finder

Eclipse Time in NH

Cover Photograph:

“Solar Eclipse” by Steve Garner is licensed under CC BY 2.0

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