Wow. That Was Hard.

If JohnO looked a little tense yesterday, it's because he was.

The developers who are building DailyUV prefer to avoid what they call big releases -- significant changes to a lot of code -- because the risk of unintended consequences is high. But there was no going small with yesterday's release, which gave users the ability to filter what they see on DailyUV by location.

We've been working on what we call "geolocation" for months now. It involved changing the underlying architecture of the site; mocking up different user controls and showing them to strangers in Lebanon, Hanover and White River Junction to observe their reactions (it was always raining when we did this); hours of writing and reviewing computer code; testing, fixing bugs, and retesting; and, yesterday, deploying it all in a series of carefully structured steps -- first on a test version of the site, and then for real.

And it worked!

Those of us who couldn't program a computer if our lives depended on it can only salute the dev team members who were the heavy lifters in this effort: Chris M. outside Toronto, Nik P. in Idaho, Olga G. in New Jersey, John M. in Connecticut, Jordan M. in Tennessee, and JohnO right here in White River Junction.

I know! Our dev team lives all over the place, and yet they all work together every day to build very complicated software. Crazy, isn't it?


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