Leaf Peepers : A Primer

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Kate Bascom

Concerned citizens of Vermont and New Hampshire, have you seen an influx of out of staters fumbling with cameras on the side of the road? Has your 12pm McDonald's break been repeatedly delayed due to swarms of motor coach passengers? And did you witness a peculiar brawl at the gas station between a couple fighting over taking Route 100 vs I-89 to Stowe? If so, you may have encountered leaf peepers. Here's what you need to know.

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Who are they? - Leaf peepers are a specialized type of Flatlander that arrive during September and October to view the autumn foliage.

But is that all they want?- No. Colorful leaves alone will not suffice .They search for the most quaint villages, use the crisp air as an excuse to buy flannel, and drink hot cider after completing a corn maze. 

Are they docile?- Generally yes.

Does that mean they make good pets?- No. They're too high maintenance. 

But what if one approaches aggressively?- In rare circumstances of aggressive and erratic behavior, they can be subdued with maple glazed donuts.

Can I exploit them for profit?- Please do. 

What is their biggest fear?- That they try to experience autumn so deeply they end up being turned into pumpkin spice.

Do they come back during other parts of the year?- Most will retreat back to warmer and more densely populated areas permanently, but others will come back looking for cozy winter ski vacations and peaceful summer getaways.

What's the consensus?- While sometimes strange, leaf peepers are on the whole harmless people trying to experience the world famous autumns that we often take for granted.


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