Meet Mark, who's old, and Jennifer, who isn't.

Millennial Boom: Getting Smart About Smartphones

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Mark Travis and Jennifer Sensenich

Mark: The other day I Slacked you this message:

I think a good name for out posts would be Millennial Boom.



It took me three tries to get it right! I'm young enough to have worked with computers my entire career, but phones are a late adaptation for me. Use mine all the time, but I'm kind of all thumbs.

I'm guessing you grew up with a smartphone. How has that affected how you think and communicate, and how should phones influence how we think about DailyUV?

Jennifer: I got my first cell phone when I was in 8th grade. It wasn’t until I started driving that my parents allowed me to get texting on my phone. So I guess I have had 8 solid years of slowly giving my thumbs arthritis. 

Being able to text someone your thoughts, ask if they want to hang out, or just sending them a cute picture of your dog (guilty of this on a daily basis) allows us as smartphone users to connect with more people at once. Is this always a good thing? Maybe, Maybe not, but smartphones are here to stay. 

This morning when you were Slack messaging me I was mostly responding blurry eyed and in the comfort of my own bed on my phone. When it comes to work my smartphone sometimes feels like an extension of myself. I respond to Slack messages, text messages, edit photos and put them up on Instagram, post content to our Facebook pages, tweet and I can even monitor my 401K, car insurance, credit card payments … I use it for everything. It allows me to do my adulting on a daily basis (and on the go) and I thank it for that. Don’t get me wrong, I also heavily believe in the do not disturb function. 

With all of this in mind I think it is important for DailyUV to be mobile first because I doubt I am the only one waking up and checking Facebook, the listserv digest, their email … etc. There is a hunger to learn about the world quickly and be “in the know.” Smartphones only enable you to satisfy that desire. If DailyUV is the place to go to find out what you need to know about where you live, work and play, well it’s definitely a no-brainer. 

Want to know what Slack is? Fuller can tell you.


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