Why You Need To Attend A Community College

Created by
Amy McClure

The best of both worlds, right in your backyard!

Going away to college has some perks, don’t get me wrong. Dorm life brings a sense of independence that makes you hum the tune to “Free Bird”. But, the crippling debt that is caused by attending a four year college in another state can reduce your independence too. They say you need a college education to get a job, but how to do it without taking on too much debt? The answer is as clear as a summer day in July: community college!

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Here are the top reasons to consider attending a community college:

Lower Tuition, Same Great Classes

Community colleges have more flexibility in their academic offerings, therefore, you’ll have a range of interesting classes to pick from. Just because they cost less, doesn’t mean you are giving up options. From creative writing to music appreciation to biology, you’ll have plenty of educational courses to pick from at a community college.

Flexible Schedule

Offering classes during the evening and day offers a student the ability to create the schedule that works best for them. They might mean keeping a day job and only taking night courses. The degree can fit into your schedule.

Work Life Balance

With the ability to hold a flexible schedule, you can fit more time in with your friends and family. Most community colleges are located near your home, making it convenient to maintain your bonds on the home front.

Being Active in Your Community

Community colleges are a part of your community, it’s not just a name! They are active in local events and fundraisers. They donate to your local food pantry. Being a part of a community college will help you build stronger roots in the area you live.

It’s Diverse

A standard four year college has people of very similar ages and backgrounds in their classes. It provides the students with the same experience. At a community college, you’ll attend courses with students ranging from juniors in high school to retired seniors! It gives the students an opportunity to see the course material from different perspectives.

It’s Great For Making Friends

Did I mention your classmates are people who live in your community? Lifelong bonds have been created in community college classrooms.

About the author: Before attending a four year college, Amy McClure achieved a two year degree from a community college. An advocator for community colleges in New England, McClure works at River Valley Community College as their Social Media Manager. She can be contacted for any questions about attending a community at amcclure@ccsnh.edu.


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