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I’ve always admired tall flowers, especially those that can stand up without staking. I grow a meadow rue that fits the bill. ‘Lavender Mist,’ a variety of  Thalictrum rochebrunianum grows 6-to 10-feet tall for me, and rarely if ever flops.

Meadow rue 'Lavender Mist' grows up to 10-feet tall for me.

She’s a beauty. ‘Lavender Mist’ has clusters of tiny lavender-purple flowers, little cups with contrasting yellow stamens inside. The stems are largely bare, sending out leaves on small side branches every 6 to 12 inches. It’s a good “see-through” plant.

Leaves are spaced far apart on the stem

I grow several species of meadow rue, including a couple of wild ones. The others bloom in late spring to early summer, but ‘Lavender Mist’ is blooming now – and will though most of August. The flowers do well in a vase, lasting a long time.

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The key to success is to grow ‘Lavender Mist’ in about half a day of sunshine, and to provide good, rich soil. I have it in dry soil and, in another location, soil that stays quite moist.

Meadow rue ‘Lavender Mist’ is readily available at better garden centers. And please don’t get mad if yours doesn’t grow as tall as mine. Each genetic package varies, and I’ve heard other gardeners say theirs never gets as tall as I have described. Most literature says it tops out at 4- to 6-feet. I guess I’m just lucky. 

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