NewVistas Project: Purchase of land continues

David Hall, a wealthy engineer inspired by Joseph Smith's writing, is attempting to purchase 5,000 acres in Tunbridge, Royalton, Strafford, and Sharon to implement his NewVistas project. This story has been unfolding for over a year, if you want to learn more about the project and the community response, you can read more about it here and here.

The NewVistas Foundation has plans to buy 5000 acres of land in the region for this project. When I first reported on it, the total acreage for the area was 900 acres. It is up to 1490.76 acres today (07/28). In December 2016, the deeds on the properties owned by the NewVistas Foundation have been transferred to a newly registered LLC, Windsorange LLC which is registered in Vermont. The new purchases have been made under that name, and are still controlled by David Hall. The properties are listed under Windsorange in the Grandlists in the 4 towns for the year 2017.

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Here is the latest update on the properties owned by NewVistas Foundation (new properties in bold): (Note: properties take a while to show up in town's record. The last sale happened on 02/08/2017, but has only been available in the past few weeks.)

Total acreage: 1490.76 acres
Total price: $6,389,250

In Sharon:

  • 159 Town Farm Rd, house and 15 acres, $325,000
  • 117 Clifford Farm Rd, house and 20.6 acres, $335,000
  • 2293 Fay Brook Rd, house and 123.6 acres, $475,000
  • 116 Clifford Farm Rd, 2 acres, $30,000
  • 1631 Clifford Farm Rd, houses with farm equipment and 159.14 acres, $1,350,000
  • 2026 Faybrook Rd, 4 acres and house, $222,000
  • Blake Hill Road, 66.2 acres, $120,000
  • 2117 Fay Brook Rd, 29.1 acres and house, $272,000

In Strafford:

  • 1631 Clifford Farm Rd, 239.86 acres (part of the Sharon purchase)
  • 201 Robinson Rd, 54.9 acres, $125,000

In Tunbridge:

  • 1631 Clifford Farm Rd, 50 acres (part of the Sharon purchase)
  • 113 Spring Rd, 63 acres, $140,000
  • 76 Button Hill Rd, 110 acres, $145,000
  • 200 Button Hill Rd, house and 79.7 acres, $265,000
  • 166 Button Hill, 10 acres, $154,000
  • 182 Button Hill Rd, house and 90 acres, $505,000
  • 125 Button Hill, house and 54 acres, $250,000
  • 114 Button Hill Rd, 2.2 acres, $164,000

In Royalton:

  • 171 Chelsea Street, house and 0.25 acres, $185,000
  • 180 Sugar Hill Rd, house and 10.2 acres, $350,000
  • Dairy Hill Rd, 6.15 acres, $40,000
  • Gee Hill & Rte 14, 236.33 acres, $261,250
  • Sugar Hill Rd, 25.9 acres, $161,000
  • 206 Toppin Rd, house and 22 acres, $176,000
  • 1662 Dairy Hill Rd, house and 6.2 acres, $217,000
  • 1344 Dairy Hill Rd, 10.43 acres, $122,000

All the properties bought in recent months by NewVista. In yellow, all the properties owned now by NewVista Foundation. In light brown, the Joseph Smith Memorial. All data is approximate and based on town records.

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