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Personal Trainer and Owner of Fitness Thyne

Every week I highlight someone in the Upper Valley who falls under the title of "Wellness Professional" - trainers, nutritionists, therapists of all kinds (physical, psychological, massage), and creators of healthy products, to name just a few. I give them a list of the same 20 questions and they choose to answer as many of them however they'd like.  

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This week I'd like to introduce you to Karlen Thyne, Personal Trainer and owner of Fitness Thyne


I was born in Costa Rica where I began my journey as an athlete and as a health and fitness coach for The Body Gym for 2 years. There I learned techniques that are both unique and valuable to the fitness industry. I now live in Claremont with my beautiful wife, and 3 adorable boys.

When I met my wife, Heather, I was working on a cruise ship to earn money to support my family back home. I had to make a tough decision at that time; leave the cruise ship, migrate to the U.S and start a new life in a foreign country to be with the love of my life OR stay on the ship, continue to work and support my family back home. I chose a new life in a new country and dealt with the initial hardships, but I knew that in the long run that was the better path. I knew that with support from Heather, I would be able to get back on my feet and earn money so that I could be with her AND support my family.

I completed my training here in the states a few years ago and have always been excited to teach what I have learned to others. I love the fitness field and enjoy working with all populations including the beginner to the advanced athlete. Personal training allows me to help people with their personal goals and their overall health, this is my passion. For the past 15 years, as the owner of Fitness-Thyne, I have been learning, growing and evolving a fitness lifestyle. Seven years ago, I began as a personal trainer and while successful, I realized that individual clients were missing a significant part of the health and wellness program. Fitness-Thyne was born from my belief that individuals need a well-rounded healthy lifestyle. Working in collaboration with Twisted Fitness, Fitness-Thyne put together a complete package with the focus on nutrition, strength & muscle, weight management and overall personal health.

From advanced clientele to the beginner looking to start their journey, I build a program tailored to each individuals needs and ability. Fitness-Thyne works to educate and inspire success in a well-rounded healthy lifestyle.

Karlen and Family

What is your fitness/wellness philosophy?

Individual attention. I value the uniqueness of people. I develop a personal relationship, and I pay particular attention to details, special care, and personal needs in all aspects of a person’s health.

Did you ever have any setbacks and how did you get past them?

I had to make a difficult choice between leaving my home town of Claremont to start a new business and leave my clients because of financial difficulties at that time. That was a setback for me, but looking back, that helped me make new connections, meet new people and start new partnerships.

What makes you unique in your field?

I care about being there for people. Seeing beyond people’s own expectations. Challenging people beyond their threshold, so they continue to grow stronger. I see strengths in people that they do not see. Sometimes people don’t see their own potential. I see their true potential. 

What's your go to meal for:

  • Breakfast: Leftover dinner because I need something hearty to get through my morning - steak or chicken and veggies.
  • Snacks/sweets: Kiwi and peaches or whatever fruit is in season
  • Lunch: Leftover from dinner or previous meals. I make a large meal and split it into 3 portions.
  • Dinner: See above
  • Beverage: water, coffee in the morning.

What's you favorite place to eat out in the Upper Valley? What do you usually get?

Jesse’s - a combination of steak and shrimp and veggies

You're trapped on 12A in West Lebanon starving and you only have $8. What do you buy to get your through your errands?

Beef Jerky at BJ’s and some dense drink that can sustain me.

What's your guilty pleasure (food or otherwise)?

My wife’s blueberry pie and raspberry squares. Playing video games with friends.

What's something health and wellness related that you wish you'd known years ago?

Exercise can cause physical (and sometimes mental) stress so it is very important to have a good balance and know when to incorporate which specific type of exercise. For example, if we did high intensity every day of the week it could cause over training and not give the body enough time to heal. It's important to have a mix of low and high intensity, and work both large and small muscle groups. 

What's the best health/wellness/fitness advice you've ever received?

The best advice was from my Mother reminding me that I can get the best food and medicine from living off the land and growing my own.

What's your favorite quote or mantra?

It is OK to take a day off and relax.

Who or what gives you inspiration?

My parents worked so hard to raise us in such difficult times, living apart from each other. I could not imagine going through what they did and their selfless act to raise us and give us a better life.

What's something you wish your clients/class participants knew? Or did? Or didn't do?

How important it is to do something for themselves and not for others and not because of competition or because of what others tell you.

I also wish they didn’t wait until something was wrong before acting on it.

If you could only have one piece of fitness/wellness equipment what would it be?

Ab wheel

What's your favorite non-gym physical activity?

Playing ball with my boys.

What are your passions outside of your field?

Clothing - I LOVE tennis shoes and experimenting with different looks or fashions.

What is your least favorite exercise? 

Bench press

What is your favorite exercise?

Upright rows

What are one or two tips you can give to help people be successful in their wellness journey?

Do it for you not for anyone else.

Where can people learn more about you? (Website, Facebook, etc...)


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