You Need An Upper Valley Side Hustle

Got a Side Hustle? You SHOULD!

Life in the Upper Valley ain't cheap. From the high rent to the Hanover parking meters, it can all become a financial nightmare. Most people in their 20s are already in crippling student loan debt. That can force people to work jobs they hate to meet the bottom-line and afford that $5 dollar latte habit. This can lead to a quarter-life crisis. Well, that’s no way to live through the best years of your life. A side hustle is a way to make money outside of your traditional job. Side hustles fulfill a passion that is not currently being met by the primary career.

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Every 20-something in the Upper Valley deserves providing themselves with the time to fulfill their passions through a side hustle. They have numerous benefits. Side hustles can reduce some of the pressures of debt, they help you reach your financial goals quicker, and they help cultivate your creativity. That can reduce stress and actually make you better at your primary job. Side hustles are important in this time of economic uncertainty. If you are laid off from your primary role, side hustles can provide a safety net.

Side Hustles You Can Do Here in the Upper Valley

Drive for Uber

Ride sharing is all the rage, plus tips are a girl’s best friend.

Rent Out a Bedroom through Airbnb

Ready to act like you own an old fashion Bed and Breakfast? Host visitors in your extra space, while making a decent paycheck.


Take a bunch of photography courses in college and own a really nice camera? Boom. Market yourself on social media, reach out to high schools about senior photos.

Makeup Artist

Addicted to Sephora? Have a steady hand? Take photos of your work, brides are always seeking someone to take the stress of their big day. 

Sell your crafts on Etsy

Etsy is filled to the brim with talented crafters. From stained glass to handmade scarfs. I’m addicted to the crafty talents of others.

Sell your art at a farmers market

Paintings are a wonderful additional to the food vendors at the local farmers markets.


Do you know what a calculus is? I don’t. So, we need you to show us.


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