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Rail Crossing in WRJ to Close on Wednesday

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You Can Get In, But You Can't Get Out...

For 12 hours on Wednesday, downtown White River Junction will become even more of an island than it already is. New England Central Railroad, which controls the tracks running through town, will be closing the crossing on Joe Reed Drive from 5 am until 5 pm that day in order to fix a broken rail.

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What's Joe Reed Drive? That would be the short stub of a road that crosses the tracks between the courthouse and the corner of North and South Main streets, by the Tuckerbox. Or to put it another way, the road that's become an indispensable lifeline to drivers trying to get out of White River Junction who can no longer use Bridge Street northbound. Pedestrians will still be able to use Bridge Street.

So on Wednesday, if you venture into downtown WRJ by car, you'll have two ways to get out: down South Main to Sykes Mountain Avenue, or up North Main toward the highway or across the Hartford Avenue bridge. 


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