First Steps: Your Roof Consultation with HP Roofing

It's a conversation, not a transaction.

So you've decided to put a new roof on your home or business. It's a big decision, and a significant investment; barring major accidents, a roof will only be replaced once every 25-30 years. Next, you'll want to schedule a consultation with your roofer to determine which type of roof is best for your situation. And it may not be the one you thought!

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At HP Roofing, we won't just throw you an estimate and rush you into the schedule. We start with a more important step: the consultation, which is the beginning of our partnership with you. It's a conversation, not a transaction. Here are a few ways to prepare for it:

Be home. It sounds obvious, but you'd be surprised how many requests we get to "swing by," "take a look," and then email the customer an estimate. We will never agree to that - it is irresponsible and ineffective. We want you on site to ask questions, think with us about your needs, and participate in the discussion.

Study the building. Take pictures and video. Become an observer of how your home behaves in the elements. In an ideal scenario, you might take up to a year to see how the property handles all four seasons before we visit you for a consultation. Look for issues such as:

  • If your roof is leaking, when and where do the leaks occur? In snow, rain, or both?
  • What direction is the wind blowing when you see leaks?
  • Where does ice build up?
  • Where do leaves and water collect?

Be ready to ask and answer questions. When you call, be up front about your roofing situation. You might not even be sure if your roof needs a full replacement, or maybe you know you've been neglecting a leak problem for too long. That's okay. But tell us up front. Knowing the history will help us make the best recommendation. You should not only compile a list of questions to ask your contractor, but also be prepared to answer questions from them, too. 

Don't wait. We'll never pressure you into slapping a roof on your house before you're ready. But many of my customers wait a long time to call for a consultation. Then they wait another long time before deciding to proceed with the new roof and by then, small problems might have evolved into more serious ones. We'll always work with you to set a timeline that works for you.

This blog is written by Jeff Acker and sponsored by HP Roofing.


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