Help: My Stuff is Crowding my Life, What do I do?

Most of our stuff has a purpose or function: the tea kettle, our toothbrush, our car.  What about the stuff whose purpose and function is less obvious?  What do we do with that?  What about the stuff we keep that has a function and purpose but we just have way too much of it like books or dishes or clothes? Whether you have too much stuff and you find it hard to get rid of, or you find yourself frequently tempted by stuff, there is a way forward.

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We collect, hold on to, and buy to fulfill a need, a hole, a longing.  Often stuff carries an emotional value with it.

It's all about connection.  Those cards you keep from friends and loved ones are tokens, reminding you people love and value you.  That shirt from college reminds you of wonderful memories.  That new skirt you got might make you feel great about yourself as you go about your day because really it's about people seeing you in it and how you feel (because it's not the same just wearing it around the house).  

So it's about asking yourself do I want a lower payment and get a more economical car that gets me from point A to point B or do I want a car that gets me noticed?  

Below are some articles to help you work through your journey to managing the stuff in your life and the emotional toll it takes.

When Belongings Take a Front Seat in Our Lives:  When belongings take a front seat in our lives we fixate more on maintaining and obtaining stuff and forget their real purpose. Recognizing this can really help us decide about the stuff in our lives.

I Feel Guilty: I Have too Much Stuff:  Maybe you started with just a couple items to collect but now it's taken over or you're like me and keep all your books.  You'll read them again sometime right?  It takes up space and you feel guilty (okay I feel guilty) but how do let go and make room in your life for other things?

4 Ways to Simplify Sentimental Items:  You take hundreds of photos.  What do you do with them all?  You have every card your husband gave you.  You're finding you want to simplify some of these sentimental items but how?

When you Question whether you Really Need that New Item: When you feel the itch to buy something but you're trying to not keep adding more stuff...what do you do?

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