Living a Fuller, Happier Life: 4 Articles to Inspire

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Katie Donovan

We all want to find contentment, to live a more peaceful and happier life.  How can we get there?  

Here are some articles to inspire and help you on your journey.

3 Ways to Live a Happier and More Contented Life:   Happiness is all about perspective and how you deal with the cards you're given.  Here are some ideas on little ways you can develop a happier perspective in your day to day life. 

The Secret to Feeling Full: Connecting with Others:  If you ever feel lost and a bit empty, maybe you need to connect with someone or something.  It's often how we gain meaning and value in life.

Living Joyfully: How we act can inspire others too.  

Being Content Where you Are: Maybe you're like me and have watched HGTV and thought wow I'd like to live closer to x or have a double oven too for entertaining.  Nothing is perfect, so the trick is to make the most of where you are until it new opportunities arise.

Time Magazine also has 5 ways to be happier, supported by research. 

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