Not-Green Things at the Norwich Farmers Market

The Norwich Farmers Market is spilling over with fresh local produce. And maple lemonade, and the bread and butter pickles, pints or quarts, from Tunbridge's Mt. Pleasant Farm. On this particular morning, I went in search of what else the market has to offer beyond that bounty of greens--lettuces, beet tops, chard, zucchini. Here is some of what I found:

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Salubre at the Market (featured photo, above) has customers three-deep, waiting for both sweet and savory pastries. As you can see, those trays were emptying quickly. That  lone pecan roll was gone before I could snap another photo. 

'Tis the season . . . for making and baking cherry pies. That calls for--what else--pints of pie cherries.

Sweet Cow Yogurt of West Newbury VT

Looking to balance all of those veggies with a little animal-based protein? Consider your options from Ephraim Mountain Farm. Bring your cooler.

Soon to grace our own dinner table: fresh pasta from Green Mountain.

Fresh herbs (grown just outside the front door) , or beet

And then there are the inedibles. 

Wool felted bowls, a tiny hanging planter, and a theological proclamation in the background.

There's been some buzz around the Upper Valley lately about farmers markets having fewer farmers, more prepared foods, and more crafts than produce. Not so true at the Norwich market. As for the prepared foods, why not? Cooking is a challenge for some people and one they are increasingly not inclined to take on. (I am not among them, however.) You could do worse than to make your way home with a fully-cooked quiche to go with that salad, and a pain au chocolat--if you dare--for tomorrow's breakfast. 

And just because . . .The photo will never do justice to the look, feel, and certainly the fragrance of these peonies. You will just have to make a bunch of these beauties your own. 


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Susan B. Apel, writer, ArtfulEdge


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