Unexpected downpour hits downtown Hanover

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No lasting damage but plenty of brief headaches Thursday afternoon

HANOVER, NH - The forecast was calling for clear skies but an intense downpour in the middle of Thursday afternoon snarled traffic in downtown Hanover as downed wires and clogged storm grates caused a hodgepodge of problems for drivers, pedestrians and public service employees alike.

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      "I wouldn't consider it flooding but it overwhelmed the drainage systems for 15 minutes probably," recalled Hanover Fire Captain Chris Doolan.  "We had some minor damage but I don't think there was anything permanent.  We had a little bit of wind and some weak branches blew down and that was it."

A washout near The Sphinx Tomb made the sidewalk on East Wheelock suitable for mountain biking


A fallen tree that pulled down wires forced the closure of North Park Street until firefighters cleaned it up

A fire crew chainsawed the tree and dragged it away

The lawn beside the Topliff dorm building began ponding water from the roof and nearby sidewalks

Lebanon Street near Hanover High School resembled a canal in places

Traffic literally made waves getting through the intersection at Summer Street in front of the high school

Hanover Patrol Officer Shannon Kuehlwein kept traffic and pedestrians away from the downed lines

Water even formed small streams along the margins of the Dartmouth Green

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