Kenneth Sharpe to Talk About Practical Wisdom

Kenneth Sharpe

10am Sunday July 23 at the Universalist Chuch in South Strafford

On Sunday July 23 at 10 am in the Universalist Church in South Strafford   Professor Kenneth Sharpe will give a talk and answer questions on practical wisdom.  In the introduction to their book "Practical Wisdom : The Right Way to do the Right Thing"  Ken Sharpe and his fellow Swarthmore College Professor  Barry Schwartz write about the disenchantment with the institutions on which we depend.   They point out that that this disenchantment we experience as recipients of services is often matched by the dissatisfaction of those who provide them including among others many doctors , lawyers, and teachers.   They point out for example  that most teachers want to teach kids the basics and at the same time excite them with the prospects of educating themselves.  But many teachers feel helpless  faced by the challenge of reconciling these goals with mandates to meet targets on standardized tests, to adopt specific teaching techniques , and to keep up with ever-increasing paperwork.   Their answer is to cultivate the practice of  practical wisdom and they use as an example of a practitioner in the education field Strafford's own master educator Joey Hawkins.   A TED Take on the subject of Practical Wisdom  by Barry Schwartz has received over 3.2 million viewings and  can be found on the Internet.   You are welcome to come and hear Kenneth Sharpe speak on this subject and how we can learn to make ethical decisions that affect our lives and our institutions.    If you have any questions concerning the talk , John Freitag can be contacted via email or by calling 765-4003.  Questions on practical wisdom itself will have to be left for Professor Sharpe.

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