How the Arts Support All Kinds of Thinking

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Brad Choyt
This summer, the administrative team at Crossroads Academy is reading the book "Originals" by Adam Grant. I'm enjoying Grant's writing and came across an interesting statistic: scientists are much more likely to win a Nobel Prize if they are also involved in the arts. If they play an instrument, they are two times more likely. If they are involved in visual arts, they are seven times more likely. If they write poetry, plays, or novels, they are twelve times more likely. And if they perform on a stage as an actor or dancer, they are twenty-two times more likely to have their work recognized by this prestigious award.
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Why is this the case? Adam Grant attributes it to the fact that the arts serve as "a powerful source of creative insight." As someone who comes from an arts background, I have my own theories as well. Arts help us make connections between disciplines and see things in unique ways. They help us problem solve and have confidence when cultivating an original perspective. And the arts provide a creative and emotional outlet for a healthy balance with other thought processes and pursuits.

Unfortunately, the arts are often the first thing to get cut in schools when budgets are reduced. Let's hope the findings in books such as "Originals" help to reverse this trend, to enhance not only scientific inquiries but also creative thought across all disciplines. 


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