Seize it

Submitted a year ago
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Leigh Ann Root

Slowing down allows us to be present and to pay attention to what’s sucking our energy, what’s sweetening our souls and what’s lighting us up.

Moments come and go, it’s up to us to grab ahold of them. Opportunities for living in moments are there for the taking. That is, if we’re ready to reach for them.

I seized it. I grabbed it. I marinated in it. I choose it.

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On Sunday, I found myself in an unfamiliar place. I was home alone (no husband or no kids) with the whole evening ahead of me. Lingering, were the typical Sunday night to-dos. I could muddle through the mundane or I could indulge in an opportunity to do something meaningful.

I took Wilson, my pup, for our daily hike. This is where I contemplated what to do next. The outdoors was delectable, not too hot and not too cold. Perfect ‘porridge’ weather. It was one of those rare nights, where you don’t notice the temperature or notice yourself complaining about the weather. There were no bugs. I noted how beautifully comfortable I was ‘sitting in’ my own company. I couldn’t let this feeling end, at the end of the trail. I looked to my left and saw the sweet waters of Lake Sunapee. I knew it would take me 5 minutes to get my paddle board and start journeying around the lake.

At first, I found myself impatiently paddling to reach the optimal view of the night’s sunset. I recognized that I was making this my job. Immediately, I slowed down to relish in the views and appreciate the impeccably smooth water, I was gliding through. I took my time and soaked in every inch.  

Sunday at 7:30pm is an ideal time to be out on the lake, with sparse activity and the sleepiness that surrounds its shore lines. It’s an invitation to just be.

When we carve out time for ourselves and get quiet, we realize what belongs in our lives ~ what to discard and what to hold tight.

This time of contemplation and reflection had me thinking about the swing door that is our lives. How things come and go, leaving blessings and bruises. Sometimes it’s rapid, yet other times it’s slow and steady. It's the small and almost unnoticeable moments that can prove to be the most enlightening. Unfortunately, with the pace and style of living that we often get caught up in, we miss these meniscal moments with meaning. It’s those unavoidable & gut punching instances that tend to get the ‘spotlight’. This can have us focusing on the negative versus the simple and sweet.  

Slowing down allows us to be present and to pay attention to what’s sucking our energy, what’s sweetening our souls and what’s lighting us up.

I reached the sunset and took a seat on my board. I opened a Bud Light, as a tribute to the Father I lost over 21 years ago. Times like this, bring me to a place of reflection. My dad was a simple man who understood life’s importance; people and our lovely connection to them.

Paddling back, basking in the beauty that is simplicity, I was in full appreciation and trust of this chapter of my life. When we believe that we’re exactly where we need to be, life has a comfort. When we do the best with what we have, with where we are and with who we are; opportunities are abundant. It’s the longing for the future and living in ‘the rear view’ that complicate the present.

Sometimes, we need to stop the madness and gravitate toward meaning. A yoga practice can help with this. Piece by piece, each time we step onto our mats, we’re able to leave our daily grind behind. It’s here, without distractions, that we connect back to ourselves. Faces out of phones and mind into what matters. Simply put, yoga is a union, you in harmony ~ your mind, your body and your spirit. This is a way of being that comes off the mat and is poured directly into our lives, filling us up and positively effecting all that we touch.


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