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Vershire Camp Honors Kids with All-Camp Presentation

Medicine wheels, art exhibits, paddling demonstrations, dowsing and mindfulness, herbal preparations, exploring waterfalls, pet rock biographies, gourmet pizza baked in an outdoor brick oven - it may sound a bit like Hogwarts meets the Omega Institute, but it's just the usual free summer kids camp in Vershire!  The community was treated to a presentation featuring all of the campers and counselors last Friday evening, from the littlest Grasshoppers up through the Chipmunks, Bobcats and Otters as well as teen counselors and adult volunteer staff.

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Here are some scenes from Friday's event and from around the week-long camp, based at the Vershire Town Center with field trips venturing out into the surrounding community.

Morning circle in an idyllic setting behind the Vershire Town Center

Pet rocks have the most interesting stories to tell!

Multi-media art show

Pick-up soccer is always popular during unscheduled moments

The Herbal Studies group displayed various salves and potions they concocted from local medicinal plants

Horse Sense campers braided their own baling twine tails

Down time with Aurora and the Command Central tent can be crucial to a good camp experience

Native American Studies group presenting their medicine wheels and dream catchers

More original medicine wheels

Kayaking demonstration after a successful trip on the water

It's important to keep track of priorities - at the moment the activity board just encourages us to "have fun"!

Campers are encouraged to bring lunches, but there's always a healthy salad bar option, all from donated ingredients

Andrea Harrington, camp director, winding things up

Closing circle at the end of camp would be sad, but for the potluck that follows!

Horse Sense campers demonstrating a mindfulness practice of grounding and centering

The Vershire Town Center - basecamp

Brick oven and gas grill ready for end-of-camp potluck cookout!

Until next year...!

If you have photos of Nina Adventure, Gaming Unplugged or any other camp group I may have missed, please feel free to email them to me at vershirebuzz@gmail.com or post them on the Vershire Buzz Facebook page to share.  I know I didn't get photos of everyone, and I don't want anyone left out who would like to be included.  Thanks!

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