Saturday in the Garden

Harvesting the Space Alien

Nice-sized kohlrabi just harvested today

Kohlrabi is one of those veggies that look great, but most people don’t plant. Today I picked most of my purple kohlrabi because if they get too large, they tend to split and then don’t store as well.

This one got to big and split.

Actually, I have also grown a storage kohlrabi, a green-skinned one called ‘Gigante' that can get huge – 8-inches or so – and never crack. And it will store for 3 or 4 months without trouble in a cool place. I didn't grow it this year. 

'Gigante' storage kohlrabi

Kohlrabi looks like a root, but actually is a thickened stem that develops above ground. Leaves pop out of the developing round stem, giving it a funny look, some say it looks like a space alien.

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In the cabbage family, kohlrabi has a mild flavor and a nice crunch. I peel the outer layer as it can be tough. But then I put chunks in salads and stir-fries or soups. I think it tastes a bit like radish – but without the bite.

Beautiful food!

It grows quickly from seed, and the purple varieties are ready to harvest in about  63 days, so you can plant them in July. The storage varieties usually take a full summer to develop - 90 days or so. 

As I mentioned previously, I will be featuring one flower or vegetable or something interesting in my garden most days. Then on Sundays I will have a full length story of the kind that you are used to seeing on Sundays.

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