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Rain today. Some flowers have fallen to the ground, but most are staked. My delphinium is looking fine – like most tall, floppy plants, I tie them to quarter-inch steel rods, some 4-footers, some 5-footers. I could use bamboo, but like the steel rods as they essentially last forever, and are very strong. I cap each rod with a wine cork to prevent injury while weeding. I’d hate to get poked in the eye. I drill a quarter inch hole in the corks, and slip them on.

A steel rod kept this delphinium from flopping in the rain.

Delphinium are high-maintenance plants. In the spring I scratch in about half a cup Pro-Gro organic fertilizer around the base of each. After blooming, I cut the tops off to save energy – making seeds uses up energy that could go to the roots. I leave a foot of the plant, cut off the rest. They may re-bloom later this summer or fall. I scratch in some more Pro-Gro when I cut them back. Cider Hill Gardens in Windsor has many varieties, and many blooming in their display gardens, too.

Down low in the picture you can see side-shoots just starting to form. Great for arrangements later.

I’ll be writing short posts like this 3 to 5 times a week with photos and tips about a single plant or technique. Hope you like them! Oh, and those rods? I got mine at Barker Steel in Canaan. Call them at 632-5222 and ask for Bob. I recently got a bundle of 50 four-footers for $37. 

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