A Call for Artists

"Tree of Life" by Amy Fortier (@amy40er, amyfortier.com)

Be profiled in my new "Meet the Artist" segment!

The Upper Valley is an incredible place when it comes to the arts, artists and arts organizations. Everywhere you turn there is art on display or being performed - at libraries, hospitals, restaurants, public spaces, farmers' markets, galleries, theaters etc...

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I would like to help people in the Upper Valley get to know the many local artists and arts organizations in the area. But first, I need artists! And so I am putting out...

A Call for Artists!

Similar to my "Meet the Wellness Professional" series (published here every Wednesday), I am creating a "Meet the Local Artist" series. I am not limiting these profiles to the "fine arts" - artisans, craftspeople, thespians, musicians, and makers of all kinds are welcome to participate. The only prerequisite is that you need to be part of the Upper Valley. 

Interested? Information about how to take part is below. 

The author, Amy Fortier, describing her piece "Up in the Air" to

two young art enthusiasts during her exhibit at the Howe library.

But first, did you know that there is already an organization here in the Upper Valley that is trying to consolidate and publicize the arts?

It's called the Upper Valley Arts Alliance. The goal of "UVAA is connecting and helping to connect artists and arts organizations with each other. Our support comes in strengthening the community by highlighting the work each does; by profiling artists who are making a difference; by convening workshops that offer artists business shared learning and by collaborating with arts organizations to strengthen their work within our region."

At the UVAA website artists can create profiles, arts organization can publicize their activities, and art lovers can find out what is going on in the Upper Valley art world. 

How to participate in "Meet the Local Artist":

Option 1) Send me an email with the subject line "Artist Profile" to RVCAmy (at) gmail (dot) com and I will send you more information directly.

Option 2) Learn more here at the Upper Valley Arts Alliance website. This page includes the questions I would like participants to answer. Answer them (include the question in your response) and send them to me at RVCAmy (at) gmail (dot) com (You can ignore the deadline mentioned.)

The small print: Profiles will be published in the order I receive them, most likely on a weekly basis. I reserve the right to edit submissions for grammar, spelling, and content. Submission of a profile does not guarantee publication. 


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