8 Walks for You and Your Dog to Enjoy

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I've been on so many wonderful walks in the Upper Valley and you'll be happy to know that a lot of them allow dogs (like the walk in the featured image)!  If you want to take your dog on a walk unleashed, see this great article by Norwich Regional Animal Hospital that outlines all the local leash laws for Upper Valley towns.  It is important to note that any trail in Lebanon requires dogs on a leash.

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I hope you find new places for you and your furry friend to enjoy.

Woodsy Walks


Albert Schweitzer Trails at Dartmouth Hitchcock

Dartmouth Hitchcock has wonderful trails for you and your dog to enjoy in the woods.  Dogs are allowed as long as they are leashed at all times.  To see pictures of the trails and how to get there click here.


French’s Ledges in Plainfield

French's Ledges in Plainfield has a network of 8 miles of trails.  They are different lengths and difficulties, which you can see here. I love these trails, especially the pretty bridge over the stream.  Plus, there's a great view at the top of one of the trails.  To read more click here.


Hurricane Forest in Hartford

This is a great trail network.  You can wander through 3 miles of trails.  The trails vary in length; I did two of them in a half hour.  It was such a quiet spot on a residential street, really relaxing.  I highly recommend walking there.  To see more pictures and read about what the walk is like, click here.

Walks with a Water View


Pine Park in Hanover

Pine Park has an easy trail that loops around the golf course and provides river views.  There are a few turns off if you want to try something different.  While I walked along I met two different people walking their dogs, so a great place to enjoy a walk with your furry friend.  You can read my description and see more pictures here.  Upper Valley trails provides a great trail map here.


Alana Cole Park in Lebanon

This might be the quickest of all the walks.  Alana Cole Park is off E. Wilder Rd. in Lebanon.  It's about a twenty minute walk that's all flat with great views of the Connecticut River.  If you want to get ouside and don't have a lot of time to spare, this is the walk to do.  If you want to see photos and how to get there read my post here.  Trail map is here.


Paradise Park in Windsor

This has a fabulous view of Lake Runnemede and has a great network of trails.  There are plenty of benches to sit on and even picnic tables.  To see pictures of the trails and how to get there click here.  For a trail map click here.


Boston Lot Lake in Lebanon

This is the most stunning walk in the area I have taken (see featured image).  It's a must!  This is a nice way to spend the morning or afternoon for a moderate hike loop around the lake.  To read about how to get there and pictures of the hike/walk, check out my post here.  Don't get this trail confused with the trailhead by Dartmouth Hitchcock.  They are also labeled Boston Lot Lake, but don't give you the view - a great hike though, which you can read here.


Balch Hill in Hanover

Balch Hill is a quick uphill walk to a beatiful vista.  It's not strenuous, just a gradual climb.  It's a great trail.  I saw a little doggie on it with his owners and a family with a toddler navigating the trail.  A great walk to do if you're short on time but want a fabulous view!  Read more here.

To read more about what you can expect on our amazing local trails click here for examples.  I'll be adding more trail pictures and descriptions as I can and another dog walking post later in the summer.  

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