SunCommon Summer: When the Sunshine is Ripe for Picking

What does a new solar tax mean for my roof?

Summer is always a busy, busy time for me as a Solar Community Organizer. When the sun shines people think solar by imagining how they can harness all of that energy pouring onto their rooftop everyday. Sunshine is ripe for the picking. Why let the flowers and veggies have all the fun? I spend my summers helping my community go solar, one home, one business and one school at a time.

This summer is proving to be even busier. The sun is out, but while the sun is a great reminder for folks to explore solar, so are a few recent headlines. Did you hear?
A new solar tax is being proposed for the United States. The US Trade Commission is considering a solar tax that would increase the cost of home solar by $1000s.

So, what does this really mean? Allow me to translate how Washington policy impacts Vermont rooftops.

If the initial proposal is implemented, home solar system prices would increase by $2000-3000 for the average home system, depending on the system size. Our commercial projects would see a 15-20% price increase. We’re working to hold today’s pricing for all customers who sign their solar agreements by August 31. Starting in September, we expect to adjust pricing to reflect the Commission’s new trade policy.
Why does this matter? At SunCommon, we believe everyone has the right to a healthy environment and brighter future – and renewable energy is where it starts. Energy from the sun can power our lives and build vibrant communities. Our mission is to tear down barriers to clean energy and use our business as a force for good. While a solar tax might increase prices, we’re not going to let it stand in your way. We’re on a mission to build more clean energy here at home – and that’s where it starts – at home.
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Truthfully, this is going to be a busy summer while I help Vermonters get in on solar before a price increase. Better get my sunscreen ready!
You’ll probably see more of me around town this summer. You’ll see me at events, driving while jamming out to some sweet songs in my SunCommon Prius, bouncing in SunCommon’s solar-powered bouncy house, and without a doubt, you will see me signing up your friends and neighbors to go solar. Here we go Hartford!

This blog is written and sponsored by SunCommon.


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