Packing Tips for an Over Packer

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Six pairs of shoes, a parka, and a string bikini

We are in July, vacation month! That means time spent on romantic getaways, family vacations, and lengthy retreats to find ourselves. My favorite part of going on holiday is packing, because I can try on all my clothes to decide what is coming with me on my travels.

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Do I need fifteen t-shirts for my three day weekend? Probably not, but I might miss my clothes when I am gone. What if they miss me? Why can’t I take them all with me? What if it’s cold, or hot, or middle temperate? That means I’ll need shorts, leggings, sweaters, and jeans! If you are also an over packer, than maybe these tips will help you save yourself from bringing fifteen bags on vacation.

Fill Your Shoes with Tiny Items:

Space is valuable in the suitcase. It is limited. Putting cellphone chargers, perfume bottles, or jewelry inside of your shoes will save you space.

Roll Your Clothes:

It is going to blow your mind. Rolling clothes will save you space by making them much smaller than if you had folded them. That means you can bring those necessary fifteen t-shirts.

Bring Versatile Items:

Bring a pair of jeans that can be worn with three different shirts, bring a jacket that goes with everything you packed, or a dress that can go from day to night effortlessly.

Plastic Bags:

This is for packing cosmetics and bathroom items, but bring extra ones! Larger Ziplocs can be used for jewelry or muddy flip flops.

Invest in a Mid-Size Carry On:

This bag is perfect sized, not to big, but not too small. It can fit an oversized scarf that can be used as a blanket, a book, tablet, and three BIG Snicker bars (and something salty, for the perfect traveling snack).

Share with me your packing tips, I’d love to hear what other strategies are used for packing.


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