A place to pause. Photo copyright 2017 Jane Booth.

A Pause from Passion

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Jane Booth

What's a gardener to do?

I'm stuck inside having taken a preventive dose of Doxycycline to ward off Lyme disease.

I'd rather be outside, wouldn't you?

Photo copyright 2017 Jane Booth.

A teensy tiny itty bitty tick was discovered on my shoulder as I got ready for bed. Off to the doctors first thing the next day for a prophylactic dose of antibiotics.  With the ingestion of Doxycycline comes a dire warning -- stay out of the sun.  Having scoffed at that advice a number of years ago when another teeny tick attached, I was rewarded with a severe burn while taking a brief swim and had no choice but to avoid the sun for the rest of my vacation.

June inside the perennial garden.

Photo copyright Jane Booth 2017.

I'm confined to a second day inside.  I'm antsy.  I should be outside creating new beds, digging up plants, and begging bugs to leave my flowers, vegetables, and fruit trees alone.  I've had to send my husband out to hunt for various buggy trouble makers voraciously eating, mating, and egg laying at an astonishing pace and I admit to taking a couple hurried forays into my garden chaos to topple Japanese beetles into a jar of soapy water.

Lush from steady rain and overcast days.

Jane Booth copyright 2017.

I sit at my desk chomping at the bit looking down into the garden from my upstairs office.  What is a gardener to do?  Feeling sorry for myself it dawns on me l could look at photographs made over the past month in an effort to remember what was planted where and with who.

The show continued through June.

Jane Booth photo copyright 2017.

It has been such a productive and beautiful long spring into summer, with multiple coolish days allowing blossoms to linger.  While I looked through images made over the past month, I've decided maybe it is okay that I've been forced to pause from my passion and to appreciate and embrace all Mother Nature has given.

July has brought delphiniums ...

Photo Jane Booth copyright 2017.

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... and poppies too.

Photo copyright Jane Booth 2017

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Photo copyright Jane Booth 2017

Home is where the heart is.

Photograph copyright 2017 Jane Booth.


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