Congrats to this week's featured writer

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Congratulations to Amy McClure of Bridgewater, VT, our featured community prompt writer.

The writing prompt is a weekly writing challenge cosponsored by DailyUV and Joni Cole, author, founder of The Writer's Center in White River Junction, and believer in bringing out the inner writer in all of us.

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What's a prompt? A trigger to get you writing.

Next week’s prompt is: “The perfect summer evening.”

What’s the key to being featured? Well, DailyUV is a website for all things Upper Valley -- so what we like best of all are entries not just from local writers, but grounded in where we live.

You can participate by sending your piece (300 words or less) to by next Wednesday at midnight.

Here’s our featured entry.


By Amy McClure of Bridgewater, VT

Real Horror:

The room is silent

But, not the good kind.

The only sound that is heard,

Is the sound of a keyboard clicking away

Click, click, click

It is haunting,


Email is overflowing,

It’s enough to drive you mad

Click, click, click

Gore, guts, the macabre

It’s all nothing in comparison to being


The office

Excel sheets that go on for miles

Numbers and words that blend together like a smoothie

But, it’s an odd pair, like peanut butter and squash

Saturday is only 48 hours away.

If I make it, barely, crawling along the floor,

Clinging to life, trying not to die from boredom,

Then maybe, I’ll sleep in


By Kristy O’Meara of White River Junction, VT

The best text message I get is: Tenton Saturday? This message doesn’t come to me every week, I wait for it. Everytime I hear a beep on my phone Thursday and Friday I look to see if it’s a visit text. Drives me nuts when it’s an Accuweather alert for my area and every bordering town and county. Though the last storm on Saturday was good. That alert came on my phone about a hundred times and I thought they were being a little ridiculous. I went outside and sat on my porch, the rain was coming down in sheets off the porch roof. This usually lasts for five minutes, but not Saturday, this was like having a waterfall surrounding my porch, absolutely beautiful! Had a moment of empathy of anyone who was walking in this, then I realized that driving is probably none too pleasant when your wipers don’t move at the speed of a raining river. I watched it gather into it’s gigantic mud puddle at the end of the driveway, as I looked over at my neighbor’s lawn I couldn’t tell if that was all water or if there was dirt beyond the grass. Turns out it was the water from the big mud puddle at the end of the driveway was draining over to their property. I was thinking “how did my landlord plan that?” After about a half hour it finally calmed down and turned to just rain, I thought okay, good storm, went inside and worked on a collage of Trenton photos. Suddenly it was dark, another storm. Then another, and another. I realized Accuweather was sending me a message I wasn’t receiving, but fully understood by the end of the day. So I didn’t have a visit with Trenton, but I did see a beautiful disaster, and the beauty of the mind is we remember disaster as well if not better than we remember joy. I had a surprise text the prior Tuesday, asking: tomorrow 1;00? Best of both worlds, my Saturday came to me on Wednesday. Two remarkable days in many ways, and in the same week, thank you God!


By Marjorie Moorhead of Lebanon, NH

“Sat-ur-day”! “Sheep’s Head Bay”!

Word games and association.

When we gather, it’s to “play”

Writing free verse to prompts.

Then we share realizations

Revelation romps

“Sat-ur-day”! “kneel and pray”!

Faithful commitment

To giving the day

Devotion, if you will, to the telling of our truths

Beating down barriers

with our pen-holding hooves

“Sat-ur-day”! “Yippee Ki-Ay”!

When we gallop together

This winding path of opening doors, finding our way


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