Ken Parker Schools Students on Insurance and Safe Driving

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A Visit to Mark Hamilton's Driver's Ed Class

HARTFORD HIGH SCHOOL: For nearly thirty years, Ken Parker, owner of the Parker Agency in White River Junction, VT,  has introduced Mark Hamilton’s Driver’s Ed class at Hartford High to the fundamentals and nuances of auto insurance. 

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On Tuesday, June 27th, Parker introduced a new class of soon-to-be drivers to the sometimes bewildering subject. Discussing everything from the common family auto insurance policy, to real world concerns about incidents, Parker was able to draw on his years of experience as a independent insurance agent in the Upper Valley. 

When asked why he makes an appearance in Hamilton’s class he said, “I feel it is my professional responsibility to help educate drivers about the basic tenants of their insurance contract”, especially, “in the event of an accident.” 

He went on to say how he feels compelled to give back to his community by bringing his 45 years of experience and accumulated knowledge to a classroom filled with eager teenagers who are excited to get on the road. “I want them to appreciate the responsibility they have and drive safely.” 

As part of his presentation, Parker reminds students that “driving is a privilege, not a right, and as such needs to be guarded carefully through safe, thoughtful and considerate operation of all forms of motor vehicles.” To each and every class he always adds, “As new drivers you should recognize your parents are your best friends when it comes to auto insurance.” (Since their parents have much greater liability limits than their student could generally afford.) 

On the lighter side, Parker dispelled some common insurance  “myths”, suggesting, for example, it’s not true that it costs more to insure a red car than a car of any other color. 

It’s 8:30 am, the bell sounds, class ends and the students disperse to take their turns getting behind the wheel. 


Hey Hartford students, do you remember Ken visiting your class? 


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