The Prouty Weathers the Storm

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Route Changes; Deadlines; Puppy Protocol; Things to do at The Prouty

July 5, 2017

Well, we seem to have weathered the storm – thanks to quick work by our NH DOT, local police and fire departments, and gravel providers everywhere - but not without some alterations. Check below for the redesigned 100- , 77- , and 50-mile bike routes. As previously stated, we will be unable to offer the 64 mile hybrid metric century and the 35 mile routes, this year. You will be able to change your route when you pick up your bike plate on Friday or Saturday, or you can change your event choice in your Prouty headquarters page, or you can email and we will change it for you. The 20 mile route will remain unchanged.

If you haven't registered yet. Register on-line now, or walkers and bikers can register on Friday or Saturday at the Richmond Middle School. Noon -8pm on Friday, 6:00am - 10:30am on Saturday. Rowers can register Friday at RMS and on Saturday at the Dartmouth boat dock on Wheelock Street at the river. Golf The Prouty is full! 

Redesigned Bike Routes

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The new 100 mile route (Hanover – Woodsville) – is now 76 miles. Click here for the map.

The new 77 mile route (Hanover – Haverhill) – is now 63 miles. Click here for the map.

The new 50-Mile route (Hanover - Piermont) – looks like this. Click here for the map. 



Don’t forget, prize eligibility deadline is today, Wed, July 5, at 5pm – money must be in our office or in your headquarters by then. Donations that you bring in on Friday and Saturday will still count towards ProutyGear eligibility. So don’t hesitate to send that last fundraising email. And of course, every dollar you raise – now and after The Prouty - will go towards supporting our cancer researchers, our providers, nurses and patients!

Puppy Protocol

If you’re a walker and bringing your dog to The Prouty, it’s important to stop by the Prouty Pup tent as you enter the event site (it’s on the left side of the circular driveway as you face Richmond Middle School). Our friendly puppy wranglers will make sure your pups know what’s expected of you(!). Remember, on the day of The Prouty, dogs must be licensed and up to date on vaccinations, including but not limited to rabies, Bordetella, and distemper shots.

Click here for the full details:  

Things to do at The Prouty

 If you haven’t done any of these things before, explore the Prouty field to:

• shop at the Prouty Store
• walk through a giant colon(!)  

• find out about Reiki, donating blood, sun safety 

• Get a cupcake and talk to a researcher at the Cancer Researchers' Thank you tent

• take your kids to the Kids tent

• listen to live music

• come to the Awards Ceremony at 2pm in the entertainment tent

• eat your hearts out at the Food tent
• enjoy the all-day Prouty party!

This year, close to 250 businesses donated or discounted products and services so we could bring you The Prouty. If you patronize them, please tell them thanks! And know that we thank you. The money we raise in The Prouty will make a huge difference in our ability to discover better diagnoses, treatments and prevention methods at our nationally recognized Cancer Center. 

Call or email with questions - 800-226-8744,

Come on, Let's Prouty!

 Jean, Bruce, Jared, Kristie, Christine





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