Zippy the Bradford, VT Feline Lost

Zippy the Cat, reunited with his owner days after an explosion demolished their home in Bradford, VT.

Now Safe After House Explosion

What more do you need to follow the news when a house explodes on Route 5 in Bradford, VT just across the street from Oxbow High School? Well, learning that the owner wasn't home was a huge relief, but learning the owner's cat, Zippy, a Siamese male couldn't be found was heart wrenching—and newsworthy to say the least. 

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Along comes the Bradford Fire Department with its Facebook posting letting us all know that lovely little Zippy the Siamese cat was found by Fire Department and insurance investigators. Apparently Zippy located his needed shelter in a second floor room at the top of the stairs. It was the only room not damaged in the explosion.

From my bicycle seat perch, across the street from the demolished home in Bradford, VT. Zippy must have been hiding out behind that one intact window!

I happened to be riding my bike south on Route 10 on Saturday morning and took the above photo without even knowing Zippy was in there hiding out on the second floor the whole time I looked on at the damage. As has been reported in the Valley News, the explosion was likely caused by a propane leak. Thankfully, the only one home was Zippy the cat, who survived with more lives left to see another day!

Happy Fourth of July to everyone. I'm taking the rest of the day to celebrate our independence and freedom to write and speak about whatever I choose, and in ways I imagine our founding fathers and mothers would have very much appreciated. Wishing you all well in the aftermath of the storms.


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