The Myth of The Big Kid

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Kate Bascom

No one wants to be a little kid. Even a kindergartner will tell his preschool friend that he's a big kid. And based on the old Huggies commercials, where anyone who can pull up their own diaper is a big kid now, he has merit to say so.

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But still, even the most confident kindergartner knows that there are "bigger kids" out there.

As an elementary school student at South Royalton School, nothing was more terrifying than the occasions where we walked single filed through the high school section of the building to the gymnasium. Surrounded by a sea of people over 5 feet tall huddled by their lockers, these were the "real big kids." The trepidation arose solely because they were big,old, and their stares and murmurs gave us an anxiety that a fawn feels before a black bear pounces on it.

Being a 12th grader was the goal, the ultimate ascension. They were  adults to us, and assuredly knew all the answers or why else bother with 13 years of schooling.

But years pass by, and soon you become one of the 12th graders on top of big kid mountain. Except you realize it's all been lie, and even though you're licensed to drive a car, most of the world  still considers you a little kid who doesn't know anything. It's as if you thought you reached the top of the mountain, but really only walked from the parking lot to the trail head.

I turn 25 in less than two months with a full time job I've held for three years, my own apartment, and credit that allows me secure loans and Visas.  Legally, I've made it to the big kid league. Yet still, if someone asked if there is an adult in the room,I'd be hesitant to raise my hand. And maybe that's for the best considering recently I had to ask someone what AC (as in air conditioning) stood for and also spent 40 minutes trying to open my apartment door the first time i got the keys. Sometimes, I feel like a young kid who's faking being an adult, and won't really become one until I'm 30. I'll probably say the same thing about 40, when I turn 30. 

Maybe there's actually no one on top of big kid mountain.




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