Young woman bites state trooper's head in Randolph

Rochester, VT woman facing assault charge

RANDOLPH, VT - A 21-year-old Rochester, Vermont woman allegedly bit a state trooper on the head after the car she was a passenger in was pulled over early Saturday morning in Randolph.

    Tristen Martonik, 21, is being charged with assault on a police officer and disorderly conduct in the wake of Saturday morning's incident which took place just after midnight on Route 66 in Randolph.

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    Troopers from the Royalton State Police Barracks had pulled over the car Martonik was riding in and were in the process of screening the driver, whom they suspected of drunk driving, when they said Martonik "became disorderly and ran down the middle of Route 66."

    The troopers caught up with Martonik, arrested her, and transported her to the Randolph Police Department and were in the process of citing her for disorderly conduct when they said she "bit the arresting trooper in the head" at which point she was "additionally charged for Assault on a Protected Professional ( Law Enforcement)," according to a statement put out by Vermont State Police Sgt. Daniel Hall and Trooper Kelsey Knapp.

    Martonik was then lodged at Southern State Correctional Facility for lack of $250 bail and issued a citation to appear in Orange County Superior Court on Monday, July 3rd to answer the charges.

Tristen Martonik, 21, of Rochester, VT allegedly bit a state trooper in the head Saturday morning

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