College student narrowly avoids plunging car into swollen White River

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Didn't realize car wasn't fully parked

WHITE RIVER JUNCTION - "That was a close call," said relieved college student Alex Fuller, 19, early on Saturday afternoon moments after a collection of small scrub trees on the bank of the rain-swollen White River barely managed to halt his brand-new car from going into the swiftly flowing muddy water.

    Fuller explained that he'd pulled into a parking space outside People's United Bank and was looking at his phone and didn't realize at first that his car was still in motion.  

    "I was getting directions on my phone and I had my foot on the brake but it was continuing to slide forward even with my foot pressed down," Fuller said.

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    The Subaru Forester rolled the equivalent of two car-lengths forward and then pitched down over the embankment before a series of small Sumac trees with trunks that were only an inch or two in diameter brought the vehicle to a stop with its front bumper just a few feet from the water.

    According to the United States Geological Survey, the White River was running four feet higher on Saturday than the day before because of the persistent rainfall across the watershed.

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