Stop, Drop and Listen

Submitted a year ago
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Leigh Ann Root

When we’re open to the possibilities of our own promise, our authentic lives form.

As someone who has enjoyed a career in health and wellness since 1991, it’s surprising to me that we need technology to tell us how we feel, what we need, and what we must to do. Don’t get me wrong, technology is cool, fun and a useful tool for accountability. It all comes down to how we use it. Are we a ‘go to the extreme user’ or do we combine balance and commonsense to the wellness equation?  

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I’ve only witnessed people’s connection to devises such as the Fitbit. I’ve never actually used one myself. Maybe I’m missing the true power it holds. Does it hold the same power as the human body, the best piece of machinery ever made?

I understand the pull toward answerability and competition. However, I worry that it’s taking us away from our instincts and the important relationship that exists when we connect organically with our ‘human body contraption’. What a tremendous mechanism we’ve been gifted; it continuously sends us signals, constantly seeks balance (homeostasis) and fights for function. This is no easy task, considering all that we throw at it, in the way of food, environments, thoughts and action (or non-action).

The internet connects us. I suppose, wearable fitness apparatus tries to do the same. Just as a face to face interaction is deeper, so is the one-on-one relationship we have with our greatest system. Nothing is lost in translation, no ‘middle man’, no artificial interpretation. It’s simply better.

Our body sends endless indicators to us, minute by minute and day by day. Are we listening or are we relying on something else to tell us how we’re feeling? I liken it to living in the moment. When we truly live in a moment, we aren’t reaching for a device or taking a picture of that said moment, we’re living it. We live in a world of countless distractions, some are fantastically enjoyable and others are purely polluting us. This is a balance beam that gets narrow, if we’re not careful.

We’re inundated with information coming from the outside in. At our fingertips; how to feel, what to do and how to do it. This can have us heading down paths not meant for us. Seeds get planted and before we know it, we’re living a life that is unauthentic. This can make our focus toward personal wellness foggy.

Shouldn’t we be getting our messages from the inside out, instead of the outside in? How do we become good receivers of the valuable information that’s constantly streaming through our seams?

To listen, we must become quiet and be open for deliveries. Easier said than done. However, at our disposal, we have ways to become better listeners; yoga, meditation, journaling, and the list of subtle techniques goes on. No expensive gadgets needed.

Yoga is a secret weapon to cutting through the bullsh*t. It’s a tremendous tool, that’ll build a foundation for finding. It opens channels, which ask questions based on feeling. When we’re ‘open for better business’, we notice what’s working in our lives; in our physical, spiritual and mental well-being.

The mat is magic. It opens us up for our better (bigger) business. It’s a time to slow down, breath deeper, and bind the mind to the body. The physical practice releases blocked energy, opening us up for better blood, oxygen and energy flow. Other physical side effects from practicing include but are not limited to; increased flexibility, strength, tone and stamina. The rolling out of the mat, gives the mind the opportunity to melt. This relaxes thoughts and disposes of the insignificant ones. Into the spotlight comes the best of what our lives should be comprised of. Our breath goes from the chest area into the belly, treating our nervous system to restoration and rejuvenation.

The created environment is where the answers to our deepest questions lie. We’re both the light and the dark. We are our best teacher. When we’re open to the possibilities of our own promise, our authentic lives form. This is where the truth tunes in and where we turn our true selves up. Off the mat and into our lives we go with a better sense of self and an awareness of our individual purpose. Our pieces fit together and we find peace. From this point of knowing, the lives we touch become exponentially better, too. Another spectacular side effect of living from the inside out.

Honestly, no mat is needed. Just stop, drop and listen. We are the magic.


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