State Police: Don't Do This!

Way way overloaded vehicle stopped on interstate

LONDONDERRY, NH - A ridiculously overloaded car that was stopped Wednesday morning on Interstate 93 Northbound prompted New Hampshire State Police to issue a public warning that apparently does not go without saying after all:  Don't try and drive with this amount of stuff on top of your vehicle.

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    Trooper Nicholas Iannone had little trouble spotting the 2003 Honda Odyssey as it travelled along the interstate just before 7 a.m. and he promptly pulled it over to "prevent a potential traffic crash due to the many items attached to the outside of the vehicle."

    Police said driver Thomas McNeil, 57, of Belmont, NH had attempted to secure the load with a mixture of electrical cords and some rope.

    McNeil was issued summons for negligent driving and lack of inspection for the car which had to be towed from the scene to RGA Towing in Pelham by means of a tow bar in order to meet the height restrictions for legal travel on the highway.

    Trooper Iannone said that as he was escorting the tow truck off the highway one item did come loose from the stack atop McNeil's car and it fell into the roadway.

    "The New Hampshire State Police would like to remind the public that driving with items attached/strapped to your vehicle could be extremely dangerous for you and those driving nearby.  These objects can obstruct your view or, even worse, become unsecure and cause an accident," police said in their statement on the incident.

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