PHOTOS: Cartoonist nearly hit by falling Lamp Post

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Elderly driver takes out street light in front of Cartoon School

WHITE RIVER JUNCTION - Cartoon characters often have to worry about falling safes and pianos but on Wednesday a cartoonist walking out the front door of the Center for Cartoon Studies on South Main Street in White River Junction narrowly avoided getting struck by a falling lamp post that was toppled by an elderly driver who also stuck two vehicles.

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    "I was coming out of the building at the time when I heard a large crash and saw the top of the street light come down right in front of the building," recalled Dan Nott, a first year cartoon student from Massachusetts, "No one was hurt, I saw the driver right afterwards, but I decided to stay inside the building," during the immediate aftermath of the mishap.   

    Ray McRorie, a resident who has an apartment on the third floor of the former Colodny Surprise Department Store building, which has housed the main offices of America's only cartoon college for the past decade, was sitting in a chair when he heard the crash.

    "It was quite a boom and a smash with screeching tires," McRorie recalled, "I was sitting up there and I was like 'Eh, I'll just continue sitting here' but then I got up because something in my gut was telling me that I needed to go check.  That's the wonderful part of living in White River Junction, there's never a dull moment."

South Main Street residents gathered outside early Wednesday afternoon to view the downed light post

  McRorie went down three flights of stairs to discover that his car, which was in the handicapped space with his handicapped permit prominently displayed, had a chunk of the front end bashed in.

    "The gentleman was attempting to parallel park in a space and apparently he hit the gas while he was in reverse instead of going easy," McRorie recounted, "And so he pulled forward and he hit the car in front of him and I guess at some point he jumped the curb, hit my car and knocked the pole over and that was it."

    Police said that David Stratton, 83, of Orange, New Hampshire, who had been on his way to get his haircut across the street, was not injured in the crash and was not going to receive any traffic tickets as a result of the incident.

Ray McRorie gets his vehicle information back from Hartford Police Officer Sean Fernandes

McRorie's car was parked in the handicapped space next to the lamp post when it was struck

David Stratton, 83, of Orange, New Hampshire appeared shaken but unhurt after he hit the pole and nearby cars

Rosco the Pug came downstairs to check out the damage

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